42 - Increase

no2DO - eine Annäherung aus Westen

Contemporary Interpretation

42 - Increase

Determination brings
deliberate, adamant growth

And with a
Clear direction,
Brings deliberate
But adamant

The Changes

yang yang yin yin yin yang

Upper Trigram: Sun, Wind (Tree)

2nd Core Character: Gen, Mountain

1st Core Character: Kun, Earth

Lower Trigram: Zhen, Thunder

Informationen zum Interpretationsmodell

Classical Interpretation

The characters »decrease« and »increase« (42) show the beginning of flourishment and decay.

The image

Wind and thunder: the image increase. Thus the superior man: if he sees the good, he mimics it; if he has flaws, he rids himself of them.

The judgement

Increase. It furthers to undertake something. It furthers to cross the great water. Full text of Richard Wilhelm's 1924 translation by Cary F. Baynes

Dynamics of the Hexagram

The Changes: 42 - increase

Lower Trigram: Zhen, the Thunder

Zhen represents our ability to make decisions, our determination, enthusiasm, courage, and precision; but also ... Read more flexibility and strength belong to Zhen. If we look at nature, then Zhen's pattern of movement is that of a bud in its protective sleeve, just beginning to break open: a sudden, decisive and courageous move Hide

First Change: Zhen → Kun, the Earth

Kun develops when a (broken) yin line is added (dark arrow; yin symbolizes receptivity). The clear decision that becomes ... Read more visible in Zhen, falls on fertile grounds. Hide

Second Change: Kun → Gen, the Mountain

During the phase of growth (Kun), while something concrete emerged from unstructured potential, we may have noticed things that are ... Read more unnecessary ballast and block our energies. When Gen evolves from Kun, we can confidingly let go of ballast and entrust ourselves to earth's gravity. This way we not only release muscles and tendons, but our entire being. Hide

Third Change: Gen → Sun, the Wind / Tree

Sun develops when a (solid) yang line is added (red arrow; yang symbolizes energy, activity). Initial disengagement (Gen) results ... Read more in forward thrusting growth (Sun). We disengaged, we released unnecessary ballast, we concentrated our energies. This way we drew the bow. Until our arrow, Sun, is shot off: unstoppable, unrelenting, heading for our goal. Hide

Upper Trigram: Sun, the Wind / Tree

Sun, the Wind / Tree, stands for a lively, pushing growth from within. Like the landscape's greening in the spring: ... Read more self confident, powerful, without hesitation. Strategical, relentless, unstoppable. Like the wind: passing through every opening, into every corner. Hide

The Path: Following the Changes

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yang yang yin yin yin yang

Upper Trigram: Sun, Wind (Tree)

2nd Core Character: Gen, Mountain

1st Core Character: Kun, Earth

Lower Trigram: Zhen, Thunder

Lower Trigram: my Starting Point

Upper Trigram: my Objective

My First Step: 1st Core Character

My Second Step: 2nd Core Character

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