43 - Break-Through

no2DO - eine Annäherung aus Westen

Contemporary Interpretation

43 - Break-Through

Until I finally
enter the river

I, I,
All I,
And more:
[brilliant thought,
clear intention... ].
Until I finally
Enter the river,
Open myself
To the world.

The Changes

yin yang yang yang yang yang

Upper Trigram: Dui, Lake

2nd Core Character: Qian, Heaven

1st Core Character: Qian, Heaven

Lower Trigram: Qian, Heaven

Informationen zum Interpretationsmodell

Classical Interpretation

Break-through (43) signifies determination: the strong turns decisively against the weak.

The image

The lake has risen up to heaven: the image of break-through. Thus the superior man donates precious wealth downwards and refrains from dwelling upon his virtue.

The judgement

Break-through. The matter must be announced at the king's court with determination. It must be announced truthfully. Danger! One must notify one's own town. It does not further to resort to arms. It furthers one to undertake something. Full text of Richard Wilhelm's 1924 translation by Cary F. Baynes

Dynamics of the Hexagram

The Changes: 43 - break-through (resoluteness)

Lower Trigram: Qian, the Heaven

First Change: Qian → Qian, the Heaven

Second Change: Qian → Qian, the Heaven

Qian represents the zenith of our human potential, a state of mind of clarity and coherence, undisturbed by worries, desires, ... Read more thought loops. When our mind is clear, if we are simultaneously one with ourselves and with our goal, we become creator: the constellating power of our coherent mind, our own living consciousness is able to act upon the unstructured potential that surrounds us, to organize and form it according to our will. Hide

Third Change: Qian → Dui, the Lake

Qian is the result of an internal growth process towards greater personal integrity, coherence and clarity. But while Qian ... Read more monologues, Dui starts the dialogue: Dui opens the boundaries of the self and lets the outside, the "you" touch our inside. Result: our self (Qian) becomes alive through animated exchange with the world around us. Hide

Upper Trigram: Dui, the Lake

Dui crosses the natural boundary of our self in two ways: from the inside outwardly and from the outside inwardly. From the outside ... Read more inwardly means that we open ourselves to the outside, to our environment, let us be inspired and ultimately accept and integrate what we encounter. From the inside outwardly invites us to express our innermost to the outside and let it come alive within the world. Both movements are tightly interconnected, just like the rhythm of our breathing: inhaling, exhaling. Hide

The Path: Following the Changes

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yin yang yang yang yang yang

Upper Trigram: Dui, Lake

2nd Core Character: Qian, Heaven

1st Core Character: Qian, Heaven

Lower Trigram: Qian, Heaven

Lower Trigram: my Starting Point

Upper Trigram: my Objective

My First Step: 1st Core Character

My Second Step: 2nd Core Character

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